Dover office

Open 24 hours everyday except 1st. January and 25th. December, providing experienced and professional staff to declare non-EU import and export consignments through HMR&C, and deal with any need for the vehicles of international hauliers and their Drivers passing through the Port of Dover, or travelling via the Channel Tunnel, usually referred to as Ro/RO, and offer support to all Martintrux operations and traffic arriving or departing across all UK locations by Air or Sea. Established in 1982, Martintrux has become a specialist Customs Clearance Agent for Apparel, able to advise the various customs benefits or disadvantages the Garment and Textile industries should consider when considering offshore / outsourced manufacture or new markets. We provide services directly to selected importers and exporters, mainly in Fashion for High Street destinations, and other specific industries requiring a high attention to detail for tariff classification and in order to qualify for particular Customs benefits and reliefs, and apply Preferential Duty treatment. We work for companies dealing with volume shipments of the same goods every day, through to helping new Traders with one-off projects requiring weeks of planning, and private imports of Personal Effects and Cars. Martintrux Dover are also contracted to provide customs clearance services for some of the UK’s major forwarders, as well as Russian and Turkish Hauliers, transporting goods through the Port of Dover; who demand minimum delays in order to serve important supply chains. Freight vehicles using the Port of Dover and Channel Tunnel service an ever expanding area; across Europe and Russia and east towards China into Asia, south into Africa, and veering from Turkey into the Middle East – and we are confident almost every class of commodity and Customs Procedure Code has had to be handled by Martintrux. The core members of our team have been together more than 25 years, so our combined experience of customs clearance requirements really is second to none. It is free to ask questions, so why not contact us today and see if we can suggest some advantages and help for your international trades?

AEO - Authorised Economic Operator

Martintrux was awarded AEO-C accreditation by HM Revenue and Customs in 2010. We set our procedures and monitor them to quality standards. We constantly review updates from HMR&C; and the EU Commissioners’ Office and advise clients how they might be affected. Martintrux Dover can provide expert staff to attend our customers’ premises to assist with HMR&C; Audits.


MARTINTRUX prepare and present declarations which allow UK Imports to be released to: Home Use, with Duty reduction under Preferential Treatment or Relief when available; Home Use with Relief or Suspense of Import VAT when available; Inward Processing Relief (IPR); Outward Processing Relief (OPR); Bonded Warehouse Receipts and Removals; ERTS (Enhanced Remote Transit Shed) Receipts and Removals; Onward Shipment outside the European Community; Onward Shipment inside the European Community; and, CFSP (Customs Freight Simplified Procedures). We can advise for BTI, Binding Tariff Information, and status of classic, second-hand or new motor cars – for NOVA applications. Customs minimum requirement is to establish the correct commodity classification, expression of value with freight terms, duty status, and type of transaction. Martintrux can assist Importers in defining trades for customs purposes, calculate duty and VAT implications, and advise what reductions may be available, before Traders commit themselves. Martintrux operate a significant Deferment Account to assist Importers in meeting their obligations for payment of Import Duties and VAT.


MARTINTRUX prepare and present declarations which allow UK Exports to be released for shipment from all UK Ports and Airports. We can assist with commodity code/tariff classification and advise if your buyer or outsourced manufacturer might benefit from a particular Customs Regime or Preference Certificate, for which we can assist with applications. We handle; definite exports; temporary exports; shipments beginning approved, authorized, and simplified Customs Regimes, and; exports to discharge previous liabilities.nnTraders receiving awkward questions about customs procedures or duty status of their supplies, from clients and potential customers, can seek free advice in complete confidence, from Martintrux Dover. Martintrux operate a significant Community Transit Guarantee, to cover movement across borders of consignments subject to controls: T1 Status – Ex Bonded Warehouse, IPR, etc., – and T2 Status: Transit across non-EU countries back to the EU or delivery into EFTA countries.