Garments & Textiles

Garments & Textiles

Martintrux Dover was initially set up by a large group which included Fashion Distribution Ltd, so we have always had strong ties with the ‘Rag Trade’.  Originally, we imported expensive fashion from Italy and stock production from Yugoslavia whilst, of course, exporting top quality woollen and other exclusively British textile products.

Sadly, certain production costs close to home have became prohibitive for some markets, and Garment manufacturers looked further afield for processing in order to remain competitive.  In the 1990s, Portugal and Romania became popular for their economy and manufacturing skill base, but even they have succumbed to the joys of EU Membership and have seen their cost of operating increase.  North Africa, Morocco and Tunisia, became popular but even they began to lose out to far flung outposts such as China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Ukraine.

As each ‘new’ manufacturing region has been ‘discovered’, Traders have been pleased to find Martintrux have a wealth of experience of the international textile business and can assist in identifying customs implications and possible benefits for each suggested market and operation. With a stronger economy in China pushing up labour costs, huge swings in Ocean Freight rates from the Far East, and Retailers’ constant demand for quicker lead times for their supply chains, manufacturers are again looking near to home - but still outside the European Union - for production.  

Martintrux can advise which non-EU countries have preferential agreements for wholly produced garments, or those able to offer benefits through bilateral or regional cumulation, or triangulation, to benefit offshore and outsourced CMT (Cut Make and Trim) operations.  Calculations can be made in advance for infinite scenarios; ensuring the most cost effective manufacturing is identified; expressed as – transport costs and lead times versus available Customs Procedures and any eventual irrecoverable EU duties.

The ‘Origin Rules’ and ‘Rules of Origin for Preference’ vary for each class of goods, and can be very different. A Garment qualifying for a “Made in England” label is not automatically eligible for a Preferential Certificate to accompany it when exported from the EU!

Awarding entitlement to Preferential Treatment for Garments and Textiles made up of different origin materials can get quite complicated.  Martintrux deal with questions of eligibility to preferential duty rates every day – our experience can be invaluable in assisting Traders make decisions of sourcing materials and where to manufacture.

Our team includes decades of experience in supply chain management; we can advise optimum packing for capacity against creasing and other unpacking issues, the balance and order of loading – particularly for GOH (Garments On Hangers), to assist getting goods devanned, through the warehouse, and out on to the shop floors, efficiently.  

Martintrux Heathrow provides pick and pack with bagging, kimballing / labelling / ticketing, ratio pack selection, and distribution.